Welcome to Vine

A Church in Kingston, for Kingston

At Vine, we're into thinking differently about Kingston, because God thinks differently about Kingston.

We love living in Kingston, and we love being part of the people of Kingston. In Kingston, like everywhere else, every missed dream; every regret; every relational problem; every job redundancy; every lament about life in a small-town – and ultimately, every death – is an expression that we need something more than Kingston can offer. Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection, offers us what Kingston can’t. He offers hope beyond our dreams, our relationships, our job or joblessness, even death. This is good news for Kingston.

Whether or not you agree, at Vine, we hope you’ll find a community of people who have found this news to be good for them and keen to live it out in their own lives. We're the first to admit that we're not as good as God is at loving one another and Kingston, but Vine’s goal is to become more like Jesus in our attitude towards Kingston and one another.